Empty Spaces

by Carnival Lights

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released March 4, 2014

Recorded in a basement. Mixed and mastered by Franklin Siplas at Revolution Rock Studios. Cover photo and additional vocals by Quentin Harrington. Artwork by Dan Duquette.



all rights reserved


Carnival Lights Worcester, Massachusetts

four carneys.

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Track Name: Clear Liquors are for Rich Women on Diets
if we rebuilt this place could you tell me that you'd make it the same way? i know there's some things I'd change. less hate. less pain. more beer. more faith in human beings. but we deal with what we get. there are things I'd like to change, there are things I need to create. I wish i didn't waste my days. I wish that i did so much more than this, i wish i wish i wish. we could run to the tops of mountains where no one would hear us empty our lungs. We could run.
Track Name: 58
staring out of my window through coffee haze eyes, staring at the murky clouds and blackened skies and I swear to god I’ve never worn this mask. soaking up all the beer in this town to fill in the void and hide from the cold. I pray to satan this feeling wont come back. drop the anchor watch the waves crash. empty spaces keep on adding up, I’m learning to live without hope, remember when all our dreams had purpose, remember when our hearts had homes.
Track Name: Chorus of Birds
at 22 years old the only place that I call home is a feeble crumbling rock wall, a place to call my own. to sit, to think, to have myself a drink while the real world beyond hurtles along. I’ve had some places I’ve lived in but home I’ve never felt, bounced around, enjoyed the ride, played the hand that I was dealt. but when I’m at the point I should be grown up, moving on, the only question I can seem to ask is where it all went wrong. the chorus of birds they don’t help out, their chirps coarse through my viens. god knows if they weren’t there I’d likely go insane. a place to sit, a place to cry, a place to curl up and die. and I wouldn’t trade it for the fucking world.
Track Name: I and This Mystery. Here We Stand.
I am a pioneer, an explorer. I am hurtling through the cosmos. every second of every minute of every hour of every day. it is peaceful. a million miles an hour towards nothing. being tossed around on a ragdoll planet. A spec of dust on a spec of dust. it is calming. this vast landscape does not care who jesus christ, the beatles, or galileo were, and will not remember they were even here. it is soothing. in the end there is no significance in anyone, in anything. we are nothing. it is freedom.

it is calming. it is soothing. we are nothing. it is freedom.